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February Half-Term Activities

Nicola Wiseman

February half-term makes for a very welcoming break to help you recover from the January blues and that back-to-school feeling. With it fast approaching, you might be thinking “what can I do to keep my family entertained?”.  Well, have no fear. Come rain or shine there is plenty of family fun to be had. Whether you want to enjoy the fresh air and go wild in the woods, or are into getting creative and discovering intriguing stories, we have put together some activities for all ages to enjoy.

There are plenty of brilliant and fun activities and events taking place across the UK that will suit any budget, it’s just the case of finding the right one for your family.


Head out to the woodlands for a morning or afternoon of wild and adventurous bushcraft. Bushcraft and survival techniques are a useful life skill to teach your children, plus the activities are fun to do! This survival skill activity covers a range of enjoyable outdoor events including building shelters, building a light controlled fire, foraging and other wilderness survival skills. Why not wrap up warm with our padded children’s waterproof jackets? Our jackets are windproof, showerproof and lightweight and are available in 4 different colours. If this takes your fancy, why not head down to Cotehele in Cornwall where a kids Bushcraft course is being run all under the guidance of Jack, a bushcraft expert from Serious Outdoor Skills?

Get Muddy With Plodge

Dig out the family’s wellington boots and enjoy that fresh countryside air this February. Get ready for welly-wanging fun, splashing around in all the muddy puddles and much more mud mania fun! Why not try out Plodge at Gibside? Go along in your waterproofs and wellies and celebrate the wonder that is mud. Make sure your kids stay warm and dry with our children’s waterproof trousers and kids wellies.

Hibernating Hedgehogs

As we know, all creatures, no matter if they are big or small, need somewhere to live, but at times they may need a helping hand trying to find their ideal home. Why not head on down to Hughenden in Buckinghamshire this half-term to help our National Trust’s wildlife rangers construct special homes for wildlife to take back to your garden? Whether it’s for a hedgehog, woodlouse, spiders or worms, you will learn everything you need to know to make them the perfect home.

All of these events and many more can be found on the National Trust website! So, why not get out there and have some fun! With so much to do and learn, what’s stopping you?

Bird House Crafts for Kids

Nicola Wiseman

Last weekend marked the national Bird Watch Weekend. If you enjoyed this event as much as we did, then why not try attracting more of the feather creatures to your back garden? We have found that the best way to do this is by crafting your very own, home made birdhouse!

Children of all ages can make this birdhouse, but it is advised that an adult should be there to help with any challenging steps. So, what will you need?

·         Empty cartons (e.g. orange juice cartons), washed and dried

·         Paint

·         Paintbrush

·         Water

·         Paper towels or an old newspaper

·         Nail or screwdriver

·         String

·         Scissors

·         Bird seed

Now that we have everything that we will need, it is time to begin!

Step 1

The first thing you will need to do cut out the sides out of the carton (almost like creating a window on each side), leaving about a centimetre or inch from the edge. Once cut, remove the pieces and leave the cartons on the side to dry. It might be a good idea to do this the night before, so they are fully dry and ready to paint the next morning.

Step 2

It is advised that you lay down the newspaper or paper towels to protect the surface, as step 2 is to design and paint the cartons. This is where your children can really get creative, using different colours and designs to decorate the bird houses. Once painted, leave to dry.

Step 3

When dry, poke a hole into the top of each side of the carton. This can be done with either a nail or screwdriver. Next, threat a piece of string through the holes and tie with a knot at the top so it can be hung up.

Step 4

Fill your new birdhouse with bird seeds and find the perfect location in your garden to hang it so you can all watch the birds coming for lunch.

Make sure when you are finding the perfect location to hang up your bird house that your little ones are wrapped up warm and dry. Our children’s waterproof jackets are perfect for this, and why not pair them up with matching kids waterproof trousers?


The Big Bird Watch Weekend 2018

Nicola Wiseman

Last weekend marked The Big Birdwatch Weekend of 2018. The time of the year where the people of Britain look out at their gardens or take to the nature trails to participate in the Big Birdwatch Event. Those who participate will take the time to record how many different types and numbers of birds show up in their garden. They will note down their colours, shapes and descriptions to help us understand what type of bird it is. With Spring on the way, it’s important for everyone to know what sort of wildlife is flourishing in the wild or simply their own back garden.

But enjoying our wildlife doesn’t need to be restricted to just one weekend. This time of year, is a great time to get out and about with the family.  You can set up bird care areas for our feathered friends, such as bird baths or bird feeders within the garden. Why not get the little ones involved in helping to make these? By including bird care areas in your back garden, you can help to attract new types of wildlife into your own back garden, from sparrows to chaffinches to blackbirds.

Dressing for the Occasion

The weather at this time of year can be unpredictable. Our children’s waterproof trousers, especially the fleece lined dungarees, are perfect for any wet/cold day. The comfy fleece inner-lining helps to keep your kids warm, whilst the waterproof material keeps any water from getting inside. The nights are still dark, so our reflective stripes help to ensure that your children are still visible at night or in bad weather conditions.

There’s also the Dry Kids Blue Waterproof Jacket for rainy days when the kids want to go stomping around in puddles and mud. The added benefit of a foldaway hood allows for extra convenience and professional designed waterproof fabric. These will match with our children’s over trousers, keeping the kids warm and dry throughout the day.

Dry Kids is offering the perfect set for getting out in the wet with our children’s waterproof Jacket & Trouser Sets. This set is the best way to get everything your child needs for when they are out on their bird watching adventure. With elastic waistbands and folds for comfort and convenience, there’s no problem when being out in the rain.