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Dry Kids Picks for Back to School Adventures

Nicola Wiseman

So the long summer holiday has finally ended and our lovely kids are back at school. Mums and dads all over the UK are feeling a mixture of emotions; sad that their little ones have started or returned to school but also slightly relieved that they have some free time at last, well, I say free time, but there is always the laundry ! With the weather also turning a little colder and a lot wetter, isn’t it nice to know that we at Dry Kids are here to help keep your children nice and snug as those Autumnnights start to draw in?

Dry Kids have some excellent choices of waterproofs for children that fit perfectly over their school uniform without any issues whatsoever. Just take a look at our products including the Dry Kids Navy All in One for those rainy autumn and winter weekdays when the skies just seem to never stop unleashing torrents of water. Your little ones can slip in and out of these garments without getting their uniforms damp. They are also available in Royal Blue, Pink, Green and Red. Dry Kids also have an excellent range of waterproof Over trousers for ages 2 right up to 13/14 year olds.

If its wellies that your kids need, why not invest in a pair of Dry Kids Classic Wellie Boots? You can choose from either Classic Navy or Green and these will do the job all year around. Bring on the puddles!

Here at Dry Kids we understand that you want your children to look their best, even when they’re at school! So when you peruse the lovely range of waterproof jackets, we think that you will agree that even the most fashion conscious kids will be delighted with the selection of colours on offer. Whether your little princess prefers Raspberry Pink over Royal Blue, they’ll be nice and dry and snug when you choose a Dry Kids waterproof jacket for your children.

Dry Kids waterproof clothing; staying dry at school never looked so good!