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Christmas decorations with the kids


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Christmas decorations with the kids

Nicola Wiseman

As Christmas is fast approaching, families all over the UK and beyond start to think about decorations. Most of us really look forward to making our homes look as festive as possible and getting the kids involved is a real bonus. But shop bought Christmas decorations can be costly and when you think about the use we get from them, isn’t it time to think a little out of the box? Here we talk about some tips and suggestions that can help to make our homes just as festive without the need for dipping in our pockets this Christmas.

Creative and cheap!

Christmas wreaths are probably the most symbolic of all decorations and originally these were hung to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Nowadays we love to hang them on our front doors and they are a symbol that shows you are taking part in the festive activities. But they can be expensive so here are 3 cool suggestions that won’t break the bank whatsoever:

·        Tree Wreath – Simplicity itself, all you need for this cute decoration is a wire coat hanger, some pine cones, fine wire and a few branches from a pine tree. Bend the hanger into a triangle shape and use fine wire to tie the branches around the hanger. You can also paint the pine cones silver or gold and attach these to the bottom of the hanger with fine wire.

·        Wire Hanger Wreath – Bend your wire coat hanger into a circular shape and wrap some green crepe paper around the new shape. You can fasten the paper with some tape and if you make three of these, hang them together for maximum effect.

·        Paper Wreath Pattern – You will need a computer and printer for this idea but it really is so easy to follow. Find a cool coloured wreath print online and follow the instructions for a lovely wreath decoration.


Stay warm this Christmas

These decorations will definitely save you money over Christmas but remember if your kids are out looking for pine cones and branches to ensure that they always wrap up warm. Here at, we have plenty of kids waterproof options for your children that will all but guarantee their Christmas is both dry and warm this year!